Hello, welcome to Lasae.

A platform born from the desire that no one should ever experience the worry, loneliness, and economic, social, and work uncertainty in the face of the death of a loved one.

We provide online tools to cope with a loss, in a place where you can navigate grief, integrating it into your life.

Guidance, information, and advice on practical and concrete issues related to the death of a loved one

How does death change us? Through the newsletter, a space for sharing and reflection, to accompany a life transition

“We are the stories we tell: listening to others and sharing our own makes us feel less alone, helps us understand ourselves and others, lets us know the transformative power that other people and their experiences can have on us. Lasae was also born from a story

Share with us services or professionals that have been helpful in times of need, tell us your story, or contribute to the project

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